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Field Notes

Last Week of 2017!

November 22, 2017 0

CSA Week #24 It was our last week, last week!  We’ve been together for 6 months and we hope you all enjoyed the share this year.  Our farm has grown significantly and we couldn’t have done that without members like you. The direct farmer to member relationship is important to us and we hope you will join us again for another season. Our 2018 Share goes on sale December 7!! Made By Land, Salt & Harrow Salt & Harrow 2018 Field Note I’m just back from the National Farmers Union Conference in Ottawa and sending this note to thank all of our...

CSA Weeks 22 & 23

November 15, 2017 0

CSA Week #22 & 23 We apologize for the lack of a letter last week but it seems that the first few weeks without the crew has made for limited time.  It takes a bit longer to harvest and wash by headlamp, who knew? This is the last week for our bi-weekly share members.  Thank you so much for being a part of our 2017 season. Made By Land, Salt & Harrow Farmer Seann Harvesting with the 2017 Crew Field Note Dale was hard a work on our new barn this week.  It’s close to completion with just a few...

CSA Week 21!

November 1, 2017 0

CSA Week #21 Pick up for Vancouver is Hastings Park Market. Made By Land, Salt & Harrow Winter Came To The Farm Field Note The farm received a blanket of snow and some cold weather this week. It was a blast of what is to come later this winter.  It wasn’t ideal timing but we managed to get most of our crops covered in time to stave off any major damage.  Harvest on Friday was a test of patience.  When you harvest things before they have fully thawed they tend to wilt immediately.  However, if you wait until the sun has warmed the plant...