Field Note – Fast Fast

November 11, 2023

Little Tadhg has energy to spare (if you’ve seen him, you know what I mean) so his favorite thing to say is “fast, fast”! Thankfully, this is an important motto on the farm because the clock is always ticking. We have to seed, plant, harvest, and set up as fast as our little hands and feet can muster as rule #1 dictates, the plants don’t care. This year though, the time warp was a little more striking with everything going on and I dropped a bakers dozen worth of balls along the way. I was determined to keep everyone more involved with newsletters, pickle and can everything, make baby food, get my Masters degree (ok, maybe not that one this summer), and prep the farm for winter. Basically none of that happened but one amazing thing did; we made it through.
Seann and I had both written this year off entirely and were just waiting for it to pass like a bad flu but, for the first time in a long time, I think we’re reinvested in the farm and the family. We’ve decided what’s important to us and what we can actually accomplish together. We’re looking forward to the years ahead and enjoying the grass on our own side, even when it gets a bit overgrown.

Until next time,
Farmer Suzy