Field Note – Let’s Talk Pest Pressure

July 1, 2023

We have one big world and a lot of mouths to feed. Unfortunately most of those mouths aren’t human! We try to warn people when there is extra pest pressure or some items are irresistibly tasty to certain critters but sometimes it’s just going to happen because that’s what organic farming means, especially when you avoid the sprays. Coyotes like watermelon (and chewing sprinklers), flea beetles LOVE brassicas, crows snack on the corn (they also like to poke holes in the drip line for little daytime showers), and the list goes on. Don’t get me started about ducks and geese though, we’ll save that for another time. We try what we can, we cover with insect netting, companion plant, and practice crop rotation but I’d rather not throw away an entire field worth because something has had a nibble.  

That being said, we’re foodies too and we do understand what it is to have a gorgeous plate of food. In short, our promise is to grow beautiful food for everyone as best we can without jeopardizing the integrity of the farm or letting too much go to waste.

Until next time,
Farmer Suzy