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CSA Weeks 22 & 23

November 15, 2017 0

CSA Week #22 & 23

We apologize for the lack of a letter last week but it seems that the first few weeks without the crew has made for limited time.  It takes a bit longer to harvest and wash by headlamp, who knew?
This is the last week for our bi-weekly share members.  Thank you so much for being a part of our 2017 season.

Made By Land,
Salt & Harrow

Farmer Seann Harvesting with the 2017 Crew

Field Note

Dale was hard a work on our new barn this week.  It’s close to completion with just a few exterior wall panels to go.  The extra interior space will allow for better storage for our tools and tractors and some new drying racks for our garlic and onions.  We’re also making some drainage improvements to our greenhouses.  After some of the early season flooding of last year effected some of our tomato crop we decided to add drainage tiles underneath the greenhouse.  This small improvement should increase our yields significantly.

Crop planning for next season has begun in ernest.  We are expanding our production a little in the spring and summer and a lot for next winter so we can provide food year round consistently.  Hours of time in front of excel spreadsheets isn’t so bad when the winds and rain are coming down the way they have this week. We received 100 mm of rain in two days. Enough to create a few ponds and streams on the farm. Winter is a time of spread sheets, seed orders and farm conferences.  This year I’ll be spending a week in Ottawa at the National Farmers Union Convention in Ottawa.  It’s wonderful to spend time with other farmers from across Canada facing some of the same challenges as we do on our farm. It’s also a chance to lobby our government for better farm policies for small and medium scale producers like ourselves.  You can check out the work of the farmers union at

We hope you enjoy the share this week.  One more to go!!

Farmer Seann
Made by Land

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