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CSA Week 21!

November 1, 2017 0

CSA Week #21

Pick up for Vancouver is Hastings Park Market.

Made By Land,
Salt & Harrow

Winter Came To The Farm

Field Note

The farm received a blanket of snow and some cold weather this week. It was a blast of what is to come later this winter.  It wasn’t ideal timing but we managed to get most of our crops covered in time to stave off any major damage.  Harvest on Friday was a test of patience.  When you harvest things before they have fully thawed they tend to wilt immediately.  However, if you wait until the sun has warmed the plant it will recover from the previous nights frost. It was 12:30pm before we could start the harvest but we managed a pretty good haul, ice and all.  Farmer Darcy had to wash all the greens in ice cold water.  I’m sure the feeling will return to his hands sometime in the Spring. 😉

Construction started on the new lean to that will be the home of our tractors. Dale will be joing us for the next couple of weeks getting the structure ready so our equipment can be out of the elements this winter.  The infrastructure of a new farm is never ending.  Thanks Dale!

Farmer Seann
Made by Land

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